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REVIEW - Pride of Love by Kevin Dwyer


Twenty-five-year-old Jesse Coleman endures a heinous act on him. After the case is dropped, his mother, Claire, accedes to his request to move. Leaving behind his old life, he is left with a disturbing scar on his back. 

Hopelessness comes in on him and he takes off the bracelet that he has worn his whole life, which means something to him. Looking for a new beginning, Jesse who dresses differently meets Jaden who dresses like a outcast and the two fall in love with each other.

 With love from their mothers and good friend Liz, they try to bury their pasts behind.


I asked for this because I enjoy love of all kinds, for me doesn't matter if you're straight or gay. If you're happy and you're confortable with yourself then I've no problem with who you love.

But this wasn't what I was expecting. I mean the idea was there but it wasn't well developed; the book was more like a summary, everything happened so fast, the characters are just sketched, sometimes you don't know where they are or who is speaking. In some parts the dialogue is not separated from the naration and you just have blocks of text, phrases going with no end. And there were clauses repeating over and over; like in a paragraf was 'the young man' used four or five times  one after another. 

This for me is lack of interest for the book from the author and the beta or who edited this, if it was edited. I don;t want to be harsh but how I can enjoy a book if is not edited properly? Sometimes I wanted more description or emotions, a dialogue more complex and not just "Ok", "I'm fine", "Leave me alone". 

The idea of this books is good and interesting but it was written so bad. In a point I wanted to stop but I thought I should finish it because it's short. If the story is not good at least the reader won't finish the book angry because of the editing or lack of it. Because I'm pissed for that. 

I'd recommend this just for the idea, not for the simplistic characters like cartoons or the lack of description and the thin narration. 


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