vineri, 12 septembrie 2014

September is for Sequels Update #1

Hey, lovely readers! : )

I was expecting to read so much for this read-a-thon and I know that hasn't ended yet but is kinda like middle of the month and I haven;t read so much. I had a problem with the internet too, it didn't work for an entire week so my mood was down, so down that I just watched tv over and over, for hours, and not so much reading as it should. 

But I managed to read some books. Some were on my TBR, some were not, but I'll include them here. I enjoyed them really much and I made some reviews too. So I'll leave the links here, if you want to check them out : ) *click on the cover of each book to read the review*

 Carpe Corpus (The Morganville Vampires, #6) Matched (Matched, #1) Rise (Eve, #3)
Crossed (Matched, #2)

So, I read three books from my TBR and two because I wanted to read them for a long time. And now I'm so angry with myself that I haven't read them sooner. Matched is such a good series and I feel kinda dissapointed because many people dislike it and say bad things about. But I really really enjoyed it and I highly recommend it. Now, we'll see how the next part of the month is going to be and hopefully I'll do more reading. 

If you want to befriend me on goodreads, you'll find me at Crina @ReadingAddict : ) Happy reading and if you want, you can tell me, in the comments, how's you reading for this month so far.

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