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REVIEW - The Reaper and the Cop (Liberty, Oakwood #1) by Mina Carter


Death’s big business. For Laney Larson, it’s a full time job.

The latest in a long line of Reapers, Laney hits Liberty, Oakwood expecting the usual ‘reap and run’ type of job. However the small town holds far more secrets than she expects, including a sexy cop who blind-sides her reaper instincts big-time.

Liberty. It used to be a nice town until the things that go bump in the night moved in.

Detective Troy Regan moved to Liberty to claw back a little of his soul after working homicide in the big city. But the sleepy little down has problems of the paranormal kind and it’s police department have gone from calls about lost cats to Boggarts in the basement. Then the seriously nasty stuff moved in.

Sparks fly when a sexy Reaper meets a hot as hell Cop...

Troy’s not sure exactly what flavour of paranormal Laney is, but he doesn’t care. She’s tiny, delicate and gorgeous. When he finds a Lycan looming over her in an alley, all his protective instincts flare up. He needs to get her home, keep her safe…in his bed.

But is she the answer he’s been looking for to fill the empty spot in his heart, or the most dangerous creature he’s ever met?


I read this because I have it, but is not so important for you to read it, just if you want to know how they met and stuff.

It’s a cute and hot novella, in which you can find both steamy romance and a kick-ass female lead that beat the s.ht out of a werewolf. I’m not a violent person but I really liked the times when she showed that she could take care of herself and do her job. 

Plus the two of them and nice to see together, I like the tension between them and how in all that mix of feelings is needed just a spark and everything goes exploding. Interesting to see and if they won’t kill each other in the future, then they’ll have a hot, funny, rollercoaster relationship.


!Received this for a honest review!

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