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REVIEW - Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie


The Society chooses everything. 

The books you read. 
The music you listen to. 
The person you love. 

Yet for Cassia the rules have changed. Ky has been taken and she will sacrifice everything to find him. 
And when Cassia discovers Ky has escaped to the wild frontiers beyond the Society there is hope.

But on the edge of society nothing is as it seems...

A rebellion is rising.

And a tangled web of lies and double-crosses could destroy everything.


I said that the first book was really good, but this was amazingly good. This was a solid sequel, not just a novel to be just there and it was so much action.

We’re out of the City and we learn so many things about the world, about the situation that exists, the conflict and how different types of people are trying to surrive. How Society use the Aberations to lie to the Enemy, putting them in danger or have them killed; but the Society doesn’t care for them, they are just junk.

This world is so beautiful in her ugliness, because of the war, of the deaths, the destroyed villages and the poor, dried earth. Is such a powerful view and so sad-beautiful. But this world is beautiful too, because of the people that our characters met and befriend them. Even if the situation that they are in is so bad and dangerous, emotions like friendship, love, compassion, and others, exist and it makes your heart melt.

‘Crossed’ is a rollercoaster of suspense and action, because so many things happen and we travel so much, and so many new characters appear. This book is so complex, the story is so huge and detailed and the world too; plus each new character is individualized and you feel like each one is important and has a role.

I want to tell you so much about this book but I can’t! I can’t tell you because I don’t want to spoil, plus is the second book. But you have to read it because of the story, the original and beautiful & ugly world, the characters and the action and suspense. I hated and loved all the characters, beginning with Cassia and Ky and continuing with Xander, Indie and Eli, and others. They are good and bad, egoist and altruist, honest and liars, because of their motives, of they what want to do and think. And you’re confuse like them because good and bad doesn’t exist, is just a mix between them.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK/SERIES, BECAUSE IS AWESOME AND UNIQUE AND SO BEAUTIFUL AND INTERESTING! You have to read it, because I don’t think it deserves all those bad rating and hateful reviews. I’m personally in love with this books, with this characters and with each chapter and volume I’m loving this more and more. And I can’t wait to read the last book but somehow I don’t want it, I don’t want this story to end and I don’t want to let go this characters. SO READ IT!


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