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REVIEW – Darkness by Elizabeth Arroyo


Seventeen-year-old Carly Lopez suffers from post-traumatic stress, though the “post” part technically doesn’t apply…not when the killer is still out there. 

As the only survivor of the killing spree that left four dead girls in its wake, Carly fails to unearth her buried memories of that day and is consumed with guilt. After a year of silence, the killer is back, and Carly will stop at nothing to catch him. 

With each new death, Carly’s reality shatters, propelling her deeper into the darkness where the dead haunt her—but where the truth lies. Her only firm grasp of reality is Hunter Jackson, whose mysterious overprotectiveness of Carly forces her to doubt the reason behind her guilt.

But Hunter has a secret.

And when Carly discovers a horrible truth, she questions her involvement in the murders. Was she directly responsible? Did she help the killer? Carly soon learns that finding answers may mean risking more than just her sanity.


I received this book for a honest review. Thanks!

This book looked both interesting and creepy so I was kind of intrigued when I started reading it. 

It was good, creepy sometimes, but I think that something was missing. I liked the idea and the plot, but I couldn’t sympathize with the main character and this for me is a huge thing. Also, there were some parts when I felt confuse, because everything was moving so fast, now we are here and then is a flashback and then here… and wasn’t well separated.

The story is a bit crazy and dark and even now after I finished it I ask myself what I just read. Because reality is missed with supernatural stuff and the line between them is so fragile; in the last few chapters I kinda lost it, because you don’t know, is happening just in her mind or is real? Even if I liked where the story went and how it ended I wanted more. More anwers and they spoken clearly. I think you need to read this book carefully because there are a lot of details that matter and if you lose them the story doesn’t make sense. And I’m sure that if I re-read it I will understand more.

What was my problem with the main character – I liked her ambition and her desire to discover the true, I understood her when she was lost and sad, and down, but sometimes I felt that she was plain. Her emotions didn’t reach me. It was like a wall of glass was between us and we couldn’t hear each other. But putting uside the ‘feelings’ part I liked her as a character and I liked the fact that she’s complexe and not just a girl with a ‘trauma’. 

If you like this kind of books – dark, creepy, psychological thriller, suspense – then you should read this, because is really good and short and kind of original. Enjoy!


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