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REVIEW - Untouched (Florence, Arizona #1) by Lauren Hawkeye


Some secrets are best left locked away in the past…. 

Alexa Kendrick has no recollection of the car accident that left her scarred and sent her life careening wildly off course. When the half-sister she thought she’d never meet shows up at her door with an invitation to a new life, Alexa finds herself in Florence, Arizona, a town notorious for being populated with more prison inmates than actual citizens…a town that has done its best to hide its own dark secret. 

After Ellie is called out of town, she leaves her sister with the keys to her flower shop and Alexa finds herself swapping lives with her sibling: running Ellie’s business, living in the house left to them both by their absentee father…and forging a smoldering relationship with sexy-as-sin penitentiary officer, Nate Fury—a man with his own demons. 

But arranging flowers by day and tangling with the only man who has ever seen her real self by night isn’t enough to silence the mysterious panic that fuels Alexa’s dark dreams. When Nate brings home a book written by an inmate, one describing an unspeakable crime, the shackles binding Alexa’s own lost memories begin to shatter. And as the devastating truth comes to light, she realizes that Nate holds the key to unlocking her past, as well as her heart.


To be honest, the first thing that drew me in was the cover, because is so simple but so beautiful and I really love the color scheme. And is very mysterious and I really can't say no to a good thriller book. 

And because I like thriller and mysteries I haven't read the synopsis, 'cause in my opinion gives too much away. And is more interesting to discover yourself along with the character and you have the whole action and suspense increasing, through the whole novel. 

I wasn't expecting too much, but I really enjoyed it and I can say that it was a fresh read. The writing style is very easy, colorful and likeable and you can relate to all the things that happen, you can feel everything and you understand each character and their actions.

 It wasn't such a powerful read, but I can say that until the pieces found their place I was confused and I enjoyed the ride. I really, really like when I can't figure out and I need more and more and I don't know from the beggining what happened, who done it and why. Plus, the story is told in such realistic and vivid way that you are caught from the first page and you breath each detail and chapter. For me was an awesome ride and I'm so happy that I read it.

So, if you like mystery novels, but no so hardcore and brutal or with ton of research, then you can try this, because is short, has a fresh writing style and likeable character and more of a psychological aspect than a thriller one. And is very emotional and powerful, so you can taste a very good story and a big chunk of different emotions and feelings. Bon apetit! : )

And also, thanks a lot to NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read it!

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