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REVIEW - Unbound (All Good Things #1) by Georgia Bell

Publication date: November 2nd 2013 
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult


After her father dies, Rachel realizes she is scared and stuck. Scared of heights, of cars, of disasters harming the people she loves. Stuck in a life that is getting smaller by the minute. Stuck with a secret she has kept all her life: Someone has been watching over her since birth. Someone who tends to show up when she needs him the most. Someone she believes is her guardian angel.

Eaden is a 1,500-year-old immortal who wants to die. Drained by a life stretched too thin, he has requested his final reward – a mortal sacrifice bred specifically to bring him death. But something went wrong. Rachel’s ability to grant death has mutated in ways that threaten to upset the uneasy alliance between mortals and immortals. And utterly beguiled, Eaden discovers that although Rachel is the key to his death, because of her, he no longer wants to die. And he will do anything to protect her.

Swept into a world of legends, caught between the warring political factions of immortals, and carrying the future of mortal kind in her flesh and bone, Rachel must risk everything to save her world and the man she loves.


About the Author:

Georgia Bell was raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy, courtesy of her father, a man who loved his family, fishing, scotch, and science (although not necessarily in that order). Georgia is an avid reader of young adult fiction, and a lover of good wine, music, children, and cats (although not necessarily in that order).

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I received this book for a honest review! Thanks!:)

I wanted to read this book because it sounded different, to me, and kind of a original idea. But! Even if I enjoyed there were some things that for me dragged off the story and made me dislike the book. This things make me non sympathize with the characters, anymore, made me feel indiferent from what happened; I felt that the book was flat. And complicated, and boring, and long, and... But let me explain.

The first half of the book was good, really good, it made me curious, I wanted to know more about Eaden and his life, how and why he protected Rachel, how she would react, how they would figure out the whole situation that for me appeared as very complex and like a spiderweb. But the other half made the book for me long, and complicately *is that a word* boring, and I felt that the story dragged of, and my intererest was lost, in the middle of the story. 

Yes, I understand that this is not a stand-alone, I understand that the plot is bigger, that it was need to explain many things, and decisions and the whole stuff, but not with so many details, and bla bla bla bla, because it made me confused. I lost interest in the story, the suspense evaporated, the action was not as action. It happened so many things that for me not the whole of them were important, some of them may not happened and I think that it wouldn't have been a tragedy. In my opinion the story was longer that it should have been. If it were shorter maybe I would've enjoyed much and the last few, lot, pages I didn't wanted so bad to end. 

I won't read the next book or books, because I don't want to force myself, anymore, on this story. I really tried but I can't. And I'm kind of sorry because, as I said, the first half was very good and interesting, but then with so many details and characters and moving around and cities... it gone lost for me. Overall I still enjoyed the story and the characters were cute and well shaped. 

If you like this kind of book, if you like the plot, and for you are not so many details and things to happen then read it. If I didn't like it doesn't mean you won't. Maybe we have different tastes.


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