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REVIEW - Layers (Stark #1) by Sigal Ehrlich

Layers (Stark #1)  by Sigal Ehrlich
Publication date: October 10th, 2013 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


According to Hayley love is a subject of ridicule, a myth created by hopeless romantics.

When Hayley makes a resolution to declare her loose lifestyle era R.I.P, it’s all good in theory…

That is until she meets Daniel Stark, a well-respected, mid-thirties business man who is known for his short temper, lack of steady relationships as well as his strict preserve of his private life.

Opinionated, sharp tongued Hayley accidently steps into his office leaving Daniel resolved to put Hayley in her place and have her in his bed.

Both Hayley and Daniel can’t avoid the immediate instigation of the attraction between them.

In a unanimously agreed upon verdict by Hayley and her two best friends, Ian the gay self-absorb, aspiring model and Natasha the witty, borderline neurotic soul mate, Daniel Stark is to be Hayley’s pure physical attraction, emotions aside era closure.

Will it indeed be a closure, or a beginning to something neither Hayley nor Daniel ever bargained for…


I received this book for a honest review! Thanks!

I wanted to read this book because the synopsis sounded nice, excepting the cliche part with the rich guy and the company and the girl who falls instantly in love with him, and the characters seemed to be strong, real and not so cliche.

I enjoyed the book, and maybe I’ve ejoyed more if it was a stand-alone. I really don’t like when this kind of books have a sequel or are a part of a series, but I deal with this issue. The novel was good, well written, sometimes I was smiling, sometimes I was angry, because the author make you feel and you easily sympathize with the characters.

Hayley and Daniel are two characters very well sketched, and I liked that she is a strong woman, she’s not all over the place because he’s hot and too perfect to be true, but in the same time she’s a vulnerable person and she has feelings. Daniel, yes is the perfect, rich man and all the women fell in love with him. He had a not so cute childhood and he’s not nice with everyone. There were few things that I liked about him, but I won’t tell too much. I’ll let you meet them in particular.

What I disliked about this book, or maybe is my fault that I read to many, is the common part. I mean the all thing with the handsome guy who has a company and he’s succesful, and rich and bla bla, and the lady falls in love with him. Looking from this point of view this book is not original and there are a lot of books which have the same script and thinking like that some episodes in the book seemed for me predictible. But there were some original part too, I didn’t say that they weren’t.

As I said I enjoyed the book, it was a nice, easy, romantic read and I’m waiting for the sequel to come out. If you are like me and you have read just too many books with the same main idea, you can read this for the characters, for that part that are not so „cliche”. Because is not a bad book. 


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