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Review - The Road to You by Marilyn Brant


Sometimes the only road to the one you’ve never taken.

Until I found Gideon’s journal in the tool shed — locked in the cedar box where I’d once hidden my old diary — I’d been led to believe my brother was dead. But the contents of his journal changed all that.

The Road to Discovery...

Two years ago, Aurora Gray’s world turned upside down when her big brother Gideon and his best friend Jeremy disappeared. Now, during the summer of her 18th birthday, she unexpectedly finds her brother’s journal and sees that it’s been written in again. Recently. By him. 

The Road to Danger...

There are secret messages coded within the journal’s pages. Aurora, who’s unusually perceptive and a natural puzzle solver, is hell bent on following where they lead, no matter what the cost. She confides in the only person she feels can help her interpret the clues: Donovan McCafferty, Jeremy’s older brother and a guy she’s always been drawn to — even against her better judgment. 

The Road to You...

Reluctantly, Donovan agrees to go with her and, together, they set out on a road trip of discovery and danger, hoping to find their lost brothers and the answers to questions they’ve never dared to ask aloud.

In that expectant space between silence and melody, our trip began...


I recieved this book for a honest review! Thanks!:)

I need to say that this book is one of the best books I read this year. And after I read the synopsis I hoped that would be good, that just not the synopsis is  good but the book itself, cause I bumped into books that appeared to be nice and interesting and weren’t. But this is not like that, this book was up to my expectations and kept me glued to the story from the first page to the last. 

The first aspect that I liked are the characters. Aurora and Donovan are, let’s say, two teenagers like others, but in the same time they are different. They lost their brothers. That and the fact that they are cute, sincere, they fight for what they want and think, they won’t go down and struggle to find the truth. I liked them both, equaly, and the friendship that is between them is so nice. Aurora is the kind of girl that I like, I mean she’s smart, strong, she loves so much her brother, she wants to know the truth no matter what and she doesn’t loses her head, even she likes D. Donovan is kind of a bad guy, but just in appearance. Inside he’s nice and gentle and strong and he helps Aurora to find out the truth, to know what really happens with their brothers. I liked that he doesn’t try to be bad or I don’t know, to make things just to be in the lights. He’s a good guy and I really liked how he and Aurora traveled and put the pieces together.

I won’t talk about their relationship, but I liked that wasn’t the big thing of the book, that even when they knew there’s something between them they didn’t made a drama. I mean they focused ot the trip and the clues and the bad guys. And this made the book feel real and not forced and the things went right.

I liked the idea with the clues hidden in the journal, but in the same time I saw that like that was more hard to figure it out and know were to go. And it was hard to know who to trust and how things happened. But Aurora did a good job and they went right every time, even Donovan wasn’t so sure and too protective. But just a little bit.

The whole truth that is behind the journal and what’s happend to their brothers is… I wasn’t expecting it. The whole thing was so big and complexe, like a spider web, and… whew… like ever I could though about it. How their brothers get into that story and how things go… i don’t know what to say, but it was good. So good. The book, the characters, the idea, how it was written. I mean every page, every clue and every step drive you on a road full of suspense and the more you read, the more you want to read and to know. Is a book that you can’t put down. I couldn’t. And I was so much in the story, I wanted so much to know what happened, like Donovan and Aurora.

Guys, I don’t think that in this review I convinced you to read the book, but is so good. I have no words to describe it and you have to try it. Read it, cause is good, is interesting, is different, is full of good stuff, good characters, and the ending. And a huge plus: it has no love triangle. For me that counted. So read it, and I’m sure you’ll love it, and you will think, at the end that this people, this characters are like friends. For me they are, and somehow I’m sad that it ended.


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Marilyn Brant spunea...

Thank you so much for your lovely review of my novel!! I can't express to you how much it means to me as an author when a reader really connects with the characters and story of a book I've written. Thanks for taking the time to read about Aurora and Donovan's adventure and to share your thoughts on the novel with your blog friends! I'm thrilled you liked The Road to You :).
Best wishes!!