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REVIEW - Neverlove (Shadow Jumpers #1) by Angela Brown

Neverlove by Angela Brown 
(Shadow Jumpers #1) 
Publication date: October 8th 2012
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance


For seventeen-year-old Abigail, one rash decision leads to an unexpected chance for redemption. At V'Salicus Academy, a unique institute where she trains to become an agent of heaven, she struggles with the pain of her past, the changes of the present and accepts a loveless future until her path – and heart – crosses with Basil’s.

Basil's off-chance slip of the tongue binds him to a life of servitude to the Devourer, the master of hell. His existence has no upside until a chance meeting with Abigail brings new perspective.

Keeping the truth of their present lives from each other brings disaster when secrets are brought to light and the life of Abigail’s mentor is put on the line.

Can Abigail and Basil save her mentor and salvage their love amid the chaos? Or will they lose it all, destined forever to NEVERLOVE?



Born and raised in Little Rock, AR, Angela now calls Central Texas home.

Reading and writing have been lifelong passions. It was around the time she gave birth to her forever-love, nicknamed Chipmunk, that she really took writing seriously. After all, how could she teach her child to follow her dreams if she hadn't tried herself?

As a YA fantasy/sci-fi reader and author, she favors the magical, mysterious, the darker side of life...even harbors a secret fright for things that go bump in the night.

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I received this book for a honest review and because I'm part of the tour for the second one! Thanks!:)

I know, I know another book/series with a academy in it, but this time is about earth and hell, and let’s say angels and demons. The book wasn’t amazing, didn’t blew my mind or something, the idea wasn;t something new, and the characters were ok. But was enjoyable, a fast read, the book is short too, so it was something light, full of action, a bit of love, some sprinkle of betrayal, pain and fear.

What bothered me about this book was the lack of description. Sometimes I needed to reread the lines because I thought that I lost something. The time between events is short, everything happens fast, everyone think and make decissions fast, and the reader can just stand and try to listen. I don’t like when I flew through a book and I can’t feel the characters, their emotions, I don’t like when the action go so fast and leaves me behind.

The two fall in love fast, they broke up fast, Basil and Abby fit so good and so fast in their new lives. Everything is so fast and that’s not good, for me it wasn’t. I’m sorry that this aspect made me to give this book a lower rating but even it was good and I enjoyed it I can;t pass it. Cause when is like that the story feels forced and in real life is not like that. I mean, ok is a story but is not a kids story. 

Leaving the „fast-forward” aspect behind I can say that the book was nice, and even Abby and Basil had a bad life they are nice kids, or should I say teenagers, and they look nice togeher. And yes, the irony they are in different „lights” and fight each other. The book is full of action, betrayal, desire for power and other things like that. And with this ending… I just can’t wait to read the one and I hope that it will wait for me, I don;t like running for cathing a book. If  you like light books, but full of action, dark and light fights and love, then pick this one.


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