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Review - Grave Bound (Secrets #1) by T.R. Graves


Emily Riddle has lived her entire life inside a patriarchal commune led by her father. There are many rules, but the most important one, 'keep it in the commune', is the most difficult for her to follow... especially since the only people willing to champion her cause live on the outside.

When Emily learns her father has promised her to Lorenzo, a perverted man who has plans for her that extend well beyond marriage and kids, she rebels. Regardless of the consequences, she refuses to marry someone who'd rather beat her than caress her.

A day of hooky that starts out as a tiny act of defiance - sneaking out of the commune for a swim - turns into a day filled with hope. After spending time with Levi, a man camping near the lake, she finds what true romance looks like and catches a glimpse into a future that's filled with love and admiration rather than hate and submission.

That tiny peek is enough to change the course of Emily's existence and makes it nearly impossible for her to go back to the commune and pretend she'll ever be able to tolerate the life chosen for her instead of the life she longs for. One that includes Levi.

Fighting to escape the commune, its leaders, and her fiancé proves to be more dangerous than Emily expected. The secrets she knows, as the leader's daughter, will either follow her to the grave or send her - and Levi - there.


I received this book for a honest review, and as a part of the tour! Thanks!:)

The idea of this book sounded different for me and that’s why I wanted to read it, and I really enjoyed it, even the beginning was slow and made me struggle to push through the book. I don’t like when a book that I like and I want to read bore me and make me want to read something else. Plus that, at the beginning, the characters sounded a little, I don’t know, flat and didn’t showed me emotions, real ones. But when you read more and you start to know them, to know the situation and how Emily was raised you start to understand things and put them in another light.

Even the beginning is slow, as I said, the book is good and the suspense begin to form like half through the book, like the beginning was kind of a acommodation for the reader. I liked when the characters started to feel and act like real, when Emily start to think and act how is good for her and not just for others. I liked that she had courage to fight the situation and fight direct and indirect with her dad, with Lorenzo, with the commune. She is a strong girl that become a woman, that fall in love and do everything it takes to keep the man she loves safe and near her. She protects her from Lorenzo, who was a real ass and I wanted to kill him with my own hands.

Talking about the other characters I want to say that Levi, Tope and Tess caught my attention. The others were like sheeps, doing how the rules say, the women were like furniture, they didn’t could talk, couldn’t do anything, just to please those idiots of men. I really don’t like that men threat women like that and I wanted to punch them, to know how it feels. I hope that in the second book the things get better and they pay somehow for being like that, some big jerks, assholes with the women. Levy was such a nice guy, cute and civilized comparative with those f*****, and I was so happy when he and Emily met. And Tope is the same, even is a little bad, or should I say more pessimist and realist than Levy, who is more a dreamer and a romantic. Both are real gentleman and I liked them, how they threated Emily and how they helped her. Tess is another strong character, even she had a few moments of weakness, but she helped Emily and she tried to protect her.

The end of the book…pff. When I thought the bad is gone and everything will be okay the author blow me… how could you do that? How? That broke my heart and I was so sad and so angry… I don’t know how the situation gonna change in the next book but I’ll wait and hope things get better for Em. And I hope that Tope and Tess help her. 


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