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REVIEW - Vines of Entanglement by Lisa Cox Carter


A tangled web of lies characterizes the life Laura Mabry has built for herself and her son after the tragic death of her husband. But Laura's carefully constructed world slides off its axis when she stumbles upon the body of a young college student on the recreational trails of Raleigh's Greenway. What's worse, Detective Jon Locklear is Laura's worst nightmare...and her dream come true.

Jon has spent years trying to forget Laura. Past experience has taught him that he can't trust her, but old habits - like old loves - die hard. When the killer turns his attention on Laura, Jon may be the only one who can save her.

Truth and murder lurk just around the corner for Laura. Can she find the courage to face her deepest fears and unravel the lies of her past before she and her son become the Greenway Killer's next victims?


I like a good thriller/mystery and everytime I see one looking promising I want to read it, as I did with this one.

It's not the best one from what I read, but it was interesting, intriguing and the story gripped me from the beggining. The novel is written really well, the description mingles with the dialogue and the narration, and you can see and feel anything. It'a a very action packed and suspenful read and I really enjoyed reading it.

I won't talk about the plot, but I liked how things unfolded and I couldn't guess who the killer was. The author plays with you and shows you who could be, and you believe it, you know it, everything fits, and then... it's someone else. I loved mystery books that play with my mind and I also loved the writing style, which was very nice, simplistic, but intriguing and also calm. Like it was calm and nice at the surface, but you could feel the tensions, the feeling, the emotions boiling and waiting for a proper moment to explode. 

I also liked how the relationships between characters were developed and I don't talk just about the one between Laura and the guy or guys.  But also the ones between the women and everyone in the story. It was interesting to see how many separated people had something in common and little threads sorrounded and tied them tight.

I would recommend this one if you're new to thrillers and mysteries because it's not bloody or too dark, but it still has a ton of suspense and action. But also, if you want somethint fast paced, short and gripping to read, but not something centered papers and police investigations and.... is more like a police and people investigation. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the book and sorry for the late review!

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