miercuri, 8 octombrie 2014

Hey, I'm sorry

Hey, guys! : )

So what this post means? You know that for a few days, or more, I haven't been posting Cover Reveals, Book Blitz(s), Releases or Blog Tours. And I have two motives for that: the blog's mail account didn't worked and uni started.

So, what was with the e-mail account. It happened to me in the past too, like the e-mail won't open or I can't see that, but it passed easy. No. This times stayed, a lot. I received e-mails, I couldn't open them or they worked opened but I couldn't see because evertything was blank and the atachments were not there even if they were. Do you understand what I'm sayin? I hope you do. And I didn't have other solution than that deleting all those posts that contained cover reveals, blitzs and so on, because I couldn't post them empty. 

And then, because this wasn't enough, because it wasn't (sarcasm),  they started to dissapear. I mean like they were deleted. I came from uni and opened the mail account and they were fewer than before. So, I couldn't open them and now they were leaving. 

So, I gave up. I left the e-mail account to do its thing and go crazy, and whatev, and I went to uni. I didn't have time to read books, to review something, even for sleep I didn't have time (I mean I'd seelp 20 hours if I can). But now is a little bit better, for now.

So... (yeah, I used that a lot, you don't imagine), that happened. I'm really, really, really, sorry because I couldn't post what I said that I'll post and that I didn't participated in all the things that I asked to be a part of. But it wasn't my intention. Hope you, readers and you friends (book tours organizers) understand me. And I'll try to post what I can now, with the e-mails that remained or I'll pass and wait for other events.

Thanks for understanding  and reading this, and see you soon!

Crina @Reading Addict

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