marți, 26 august 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top ten books Crina wants to read but doesn't own yet

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I really need to pick up just ten? My wishlist is huge like Santa Claus' list :)) But I'm going to try and pick the ones that I will buy right now. I think there's no need to explain why I want them, because they look and sound good, they have just good and amazing reviews and I'm sure I'll enjoy them. There are in no order. And yeah, I know that I've picked up series and no books, but they are books, right? Just in parts:))



Ok, these are mine. What are your top ten books that you want to read but you don't own?

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Petra spunea...

I love most of these series, except Sky Chasers, which I haven't read yet. Bloodlines, Percy Jackson, Throne of Glass, and Mara Dyer are especially amazing, and I hope you get to read them soon. Great list! :)
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Sophia L spunea...

I've read Cinder and Under the Never Sky but haven't finished either trilogy- both were good though. I've always wanted to read Percy Jackson too.