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REVIEW - Floating Boy and the Girl Who Couldn't Fly by Stephen Graham Jones & Paul Tremblay


Mary's life is going fine. Except for being a freshman in high school. And having anxiety attacks. And her dad having no job. 

So, introduce one boy who can fly, kidnap the little brother she's supposed to be babysitting, and drop a military quarantine on her town and that should make her anxiety completely disappear, right? 



I wanted to read this because it sounded interesting, intriguing, different and kind of fun. But I think that I read it kind of late, because I felt that it was for younger audience and for me some parts were childish or kind of plain.

The idea of the book is original and it reminded me of Peter Pan, because of the floating/flying thing and the effect that it had on the others. But even if I liked the idea and the characters were nice, the action and the plot of the story were sometimes all over the place. Things were happening, people were talking, running, flying and screaming but you as a reader were lost. The author(s) don't describe the places really well and with details, so you can imagine them, some things happened so fast and in other parts nothing was happening. 

The characters were ok, no one impressed me especially and I think that was because they, for me, were like fragile sketched, I couldn't feel them. It was like, for the whole book, I was looking at a movie on mute. I guess that if I were younger then maybe I would've sympathized more with them and I would've enjoyed the story. 

I'm upset that I didn't liked it so much because I was so excited for it and for the idea. But it didn't work. If you're a fan of the idea then check it out or if you have younger friends, brothers, other relatives, then give it to them. Maybe they will enjoy it.


I received the book through NetGalley. Thank you so much : )

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