miercuri, 20 august 2014

Bout of Books 11.0 Read-a-thon updates day two

Hey, lovely readers! : )

It wasn't and it won't be an update for day one, because I haven't read. I went to dentist and after that I was just staying in bed and looking on the walls or playing stupid and addicting games on facebook. So, no reading.

But on day two I read two books and I hope that in the next few days to read more. If I can. So, what I've read in day two:

 Since Forever Ago 
by Olivia Besse 

 The Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods #4) 
by Melissa de la Cruz 

Since Forever Ago had 316 pages and The Van Alen Legacy had 369 pages. So, pretty good for day two, I'm happy that I managed to read 685 pages.

On day three I'm hoping to start Storm by Brigid Kemmerer or 
Awake at Dawn
by C.C. Hunter. Or maybe, hopefully, I can read them both and finish them. It would be fantastic, but I'm not forcing myself.

What are you reading? What you've read so far? Did you enjoy it/them? :) 

3 comentarii:

Fiica Evei spunea...

Tocmai am terminat de citit Confesiuni de Jodie Rhodes. Mi-a placut mult personajul principal care nu s-a lasat invins.

P.S. De ce e tot blogul in engleza??Ce s-a intamplat? Ar fi trebuit sa scriu comentariul in engleza? :)))

Reading Addict spunea...

Nu s-a intamplat nimic. Postez pe blog si-n romana, dar si-n engleza, tot felul de articole. Nu s-a schimbat nimic. Vreau doar sa vorbesc si despre carti sau lucruri ce la noi in tara nu sunt. Nu te obliga niemni sa scrii in engleza, ci doar daca vrei.

Fiica Evei spunea...

AA. Am inteles. Ok. :D
Oricum imi face placere sa citesc si in engleza.
Spor la scris in continuare! :*