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Blog Tour – The Big Empty by Ritch Gaiti - Review


The ten years had slipped by like a century. I never thought I’d see New York again and now I find myself buried in its bowels, unsure of what I was after – but I couldn’t stop until I found it. I snaked through the city bureaucracy, historical landmarks and some of the most prominent properties in the city, all intricately linked. Nothing fit, yet everything connected and answers only bred more questions. Somehow it had all been mysteriously tied back to me. 

Deep within a maze of deceptions and betrayals, I uncovered a massive conspiracy among the most esteemed organizations in the world–and the truth that had sent my life into a tailspin ten years ago was far from true. Suddenly, this seemingly routine assignment had enormous stakes and consequences. Now it was up to me to mend an ancient injustice and the fate of an entire culture.


I love books that fit between mystery and thriller and I like so much when I find a good one, that slowly show me how the things are, and the people are not how we think they are. When I first read the blurb I thought that it sounds good and in the same time is a little bit different from the others. It's the first time when I read a book that is about historical things and specialy about American history. 

It was a little bit hard for me to get in the story at first, because the things were so confuse and I was feeling that I don't understand anything. And when something like that is happening I think that me or the book have something wrong in it. But the things started to move and the pieces to find their place, and the confusion started little by little to change into interest and curiosity. 

Rick have a difficult mission and the answers are not so easy to find, not to tell that the people that seems friendly can, when it's time, to show their fangs and claws and attack him. Loyalty and sincerity are so hard to find and harder to be true. Many times friends hide dangerous enemies. I liked that Rick tried even when no one seemed to help him, but prof. Elias was a real aid and I think that without him wouldn't be so easy. I mean Elias knew so much things and information were more easily to put together when a single men knows them. 

All the secrets that are revelead in the end and the background of the story make this book a good one, full of suspense and tensed moments, for many times I thought that Rick won't find the answers and the bad guys will escape. If you like thriller or mystery book this is a good one and I think you won't regret reading it, even is a little bit harder to fit in the story at the beginning.

I gave this book 4/5.

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