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Blog Tour - Abandoned by Elisa Dane - Guest Post & Giveaway

Abandoned by Elisa Dane
Publication Date: February 15, 2016
Publisher: Swoon Romance


My name is Tierra Owens, and I like to kiss. A lot. It numbs the hollow ache in my chest and—for a few minutes—makes me forget how truly alone I am. My mother is an alcoholic. She hates me and insists I'm the reason she's not married to my father, whom I have never met. My best friend, Kaylee, is the only person who knows the real me. Everyone else sees what I want them to: a happy, confident, popular girl who has the world at her feet.

I am a fraud.

Relationships are forbidden. I avoid them at all costs. Sex? Emotions? Those things make a person vulnerable, and vulnerability always leads to heartbreak. When my childhood crush, Mattie shows up at school my world tumbles off its axis. The shell I surround myself with feels more like a pathetic crutch than a protective barrier, and I find myself wanting things. Daydreaming about what it would be like to have a boyfriend, a relationship—love.

The sad fact is: I'll never have any of those things. I am unworthy—trash. Which is why my mom abandoned me.

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Guest Post:

Hello, and thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I thought I’d touch on the topic of “darker” tales being of more important than that of their lighthearted brethren. What people like, and what they need can change from day to day. I know, for myself, my tastes change often. I go through seasons where I devour tough, angst-ridden, tear-your-heart-out books until my eyes are swollen and my heart can’t take it any more. Then, I’ll switch over to something lighter, something fun. One style isn’t any better than the other. All books are important for their own reasons. They’re special to those who read them for an unimaginable amount of reasons.

My latest release, Abandoned, deals with a high school senior whose mother leaves her and doesn’t come back. She’s stalked by one of her mother’s scary ex-boyfriends, and deals with a snotty high-school bully. There are a number of things that make my story dark. A number of elements that readers might relate to, which in turn might help them with whatever situation they might be dealing with at the moment. 

That said, someone else’s sweet contemporary YA might be uplifting in a way my story isn’t, and it might be exactly what the reader needs to pull him or herself out of a dark place. Again, light/dark, it doesn’t matter. One isn’t better than the other. They’re just different, thus making sure there is something out there for everyone!

Author Bio:

Elisa Dane loves books, chocolate, reality television, her family, and All Star Cheerleading. Not necessarily in that order! She writes contemporary YA romance with cheerleaders. Yep. She writes what she knows, and it’s her hope that her stories will not only take you on a romantic journey that will warm your heart, but that you’ll find a new respect for the sport of All Star Cheerleading you may not have had before. She’s represented by Brittany Booker of the Booker/Albert Agency, and has published a NA paranormal series under her real name, Lisa Sanchez.

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