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Blog Tour - The Society by Jodie Andrefski - Teasers, Writing Tips, Giveaway

The Society by Jodie Andrefski
Release Date: May 3rd 2016
Entangled Teen


Welcome to Trinity Academy’s best-kept secret.
The Society.

You’ve been handpicked by the elite of the elite to become a member. But first you’ll have to prove your worth by making it through Hell Week.

Do you have what it takes?
It’s time to find out.

Samantha Evans knows she’d never get an invite to rush the Society—not after her dad went to jail for insider trading. But after years of relentless bullying at the hands of the Society’s queen bee, Jessica, she’s ready to take down Jessica and the Society one peg at a time from the inside out.
All it’ll take is a bit of computer hacking, a few fake invitations, some eager rushees…and Sam will get her revenge.
Let the games begin.

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About the Author:

Jodie Andrefski has been passionate about reading ever since she was a little girl, when she used to climb trees to escape with a favorite book. She now lives and writes in a small town in Pennsylvania with her teenage daughter. Though still an avid reader, she now prefers a comfy chair over the crook of a tree. 

An unapologetic coffee fiend, she's even happier if her java comes with pie. Jodie often draws on her background in education and mental health counseling to bring real world experience to her writing. She is a firm believer in the magic of a first kiss, and insists that you should never, ever give up on your dreams. 

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Writing Tips:

Writing can be tough. There are times we all feel frustrated, want to give up, look at other people around us and do the inevitable comparisons and come up feeling “less than.” My biggest piece of advice when those feelings come? STOP. Don’t let those voices in your head take over. They’re wrong. Don’t let the self-doubt win. Instead, push through and listen to the other voices---the voices of your story. Tell it. Because you are the only one who can. Did you hear that? Now believe it. The world needs YOU to tell your specific story.  I’ve yet to talk to a writer who didn’t feel doubts tip-toe in at one time or another. But the secret is to keep going. 

WRITE EVERY DAY – Even when you don’t feel like writing. Granted, life can get in the way, and some days are simply busier than others. But setting time aside each day to write helps get you in the habit of putting words on the page each and every day. You can set a specific word count you want to meet, or set a specific time frame—whatever works best for you. The most important thing is that you just WRITE.

DON’T EDIT AS YOU WRITE – Save editing for later. Your first draft isn’t the time for this. While we all want our manuscript to be shiny and beautiful, at this stage it’s important to get the words down. Trust me, you’ll have plenty of time to edit later. 

SHOW THE ACTION – We hear it all the time, “Show don’t tell.” We hear it so often because it is so true. Stay away from using dialogue tags as a cheap way to show action. Read a lot to see how other authors do this successfully.

GET YOURSELF SOME CP’s – A good critique partner and/or beta readers are invaluable. This doesn’t mean find someone who will simply tell you that every word you write is golden. It means finding someone who is brave enough to call you on a messy scene, or one that doesn’t make sense, or one that feels rushed. You want to find several, because remember, writing is subjective. But if you get notes back from three different CPs saying the same thing, you may want to consider what they are saying, even if it is difficult to hear.

LET YOUR MS SIT – If you are feeling frustrated with your work, or out of ideas with the manuscript or just not sure where to go next with your characters, put it in a drawer and walk away from it for a while. Start on something new and fresh and go back to it later. Time away from your work allows you to look at it with fresh eyes and sometimes this can make all the difference. It’s like food in a crock pot, sometimes sitting and cooking makes it all the more delicious.

BE WILLING TO KILL YOUR DARLINGS – We write our words, we become attached, they are like a piece of us. But sometimes in order to make our manuscript stronger, we have to be willing to prune off the parts that are not needed. Listen to your CPs, your editor, that little voice inside your head----it will make your work better---it will make it come alive.

DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER WRITERS - Sometimes this is the most difficult piece of advice to take, but often the most necessary. Every writer follows a different path to publishing. We also don’t know all of the steps a writer takes to get where we see them today. We don’t necessarily know how many rejection letters they received before getting the coveted “CALL.” We don’t know how many messy manuscripts they attempted to write before coming up with the one(s) that you are comparing your own writing to. Just…Don’t. Don’t fall into that hole. Let your own voice shine, keep pushing through…keep following your dream, and don’t give up. It may sound trite, it may sound like a cheesy (but awesome) Journey song, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Don’t Stop Believing. You CAN do it.

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