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Blog Tour - Freefall (Santa Cruz Skydivers #1) by Joanne Efendi - Giveaway & Excerpt

Publication Date: 8 October 2015

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Twenty-five year old professional skydiver Levi James has a troubled past that he just can't seem to leave behind. The main cause of his problems—his father. The billionaire Australian publishing magnate, who after being MIA for most of Levi's life, has decided Levi needs to start playing a role in the family business, whether Levi wants to or not.

Andi LaRosa, a twenty-one year old Costco cashier, comes from a loving, if somewhat suffocating, traditional Italian American family. With no direction and in a deep depression, she often seeks solace in Valium and the bottom of a Vodka bottle. That is until see meets Levi and instantly falls for his Aussie charm.

The daredevil skydiver makes her feel alive and gives her a sense of direction that she so desperately craves. But can their fledging relationship survive Andi’s personal demons and Levi’s meddling father, who refuses to his son go?


He shrugged and took another drink, emptying his beer.“Everyone has been hurt at some point. 

Haven’t you ever been in loveso hard it hurt?”

I shook my head. “Never.” But I was starting to feel that way.

He looked shocked. “Never? Not even first love? I don’tbelieve you.”

“It’s true. I’ve had loads of crushes, but no one has everreturned the feelings. Unwanted, poor old me.” I felt like palming myforehead. “I can’t believe I’m telling you this stuff.”

What was I doing? It must be the alcohol talking. I needed toshut my mouth before I told him something I regretted. After all, itwasn’t like me to reveal my inner insecurities to just anyone, and Ididn’t want to make a habit of it now.

“So, are you looking?” He gave me the once-over, his eyesscrutinizing my face for a clue.

I couldn’t tell him the truth. That since I had met him, he wasall I could think about. That before him, I hadn’t thought it possible tofeel the way I felt. I thought love and romance was only written forfiction and never happened to people like me. That since I’d met him,my anxiety had eased, and my depression lifted. Instead, I laughedlike he had just said the funniest joke I had ever heard. 

Covering upmy emotions was something I was really practiced at.


Joanne is a lover of books and the written word. It had been a life long dream of Joanne’s to write and publish a novel. A dream that she finally fulfilled in early 2014 after writing YA Paranormal Romance Illuminated Darkness for close to three years. In 2015, her NA Romance ‘Freefall’ was signed by Evernight Publishing.

Joanne grew up in sunny Queensland in Australia and currently resides on the Sunshine Coast with her husband and two sons. She has always had a passion for writing and is a former radio announcer and journalist. Currently she works in her other passion- teaching children the vital life saving skill of learning to swim. In her spare time she likes to drink coffee with her friends and train and compete in triathlons (very badly).

Joanne is currently writing a sequel to Freefall, and a YA Contemporary novel that may or may not take another three years to write. She also has plans to write a sequel to Illuminated Darkness, that will be titled Darkness Enveloped.

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