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REVIEW - The Forever Moment by Paul A. Mendelson


When an acclaimed Scottish author, on a book tour to the US to promote his latest romantic novel, The Forever Moment, meets a young woman who looks strikingly similar to a long-lost love from a high-school exchange to Kentucky, he wonders if he left behind more than memories twenty-two years ago.

But when he digs deeper and is finally reunited with his lost love, who he thought had abandoned him after a whirlwind romance, he discovers that life isn’t quite like the plot of a trashy novel. And some memories can hold you back as well as spur you on.

The Forever Moment is a wryly funny, dramatic and gripping story that takes us back to the first heady stirrings of teenage romance. It examines how we hold onto and romanticise the past, which can stop us moving forward. And that, with maturity, comes a deeper understanding.


'The Forever Moment' sounded like a fun book and both the synopsis and the cover made me want to pick it up. And I wasn't disappointed, kind of. 

I liked the idea of the book and how the plot developed and I enjoyed how fast it read and how it made me think that in fiction as in life things don't go as planned. I couldn't get used to the long chunks of narration, description or monologue that went sometimes for pages and pages, which made me read slower and sometimes even lose focus. I also wasn't a fan of the information put in brackets that most of the time, personally, I could've done without, because I didn't feel like it added something and also it took me out of the story. These are very subjective so maybe you won't have a problem with them.

I didn't feel anything as I read and for me is very important to get close to the characters, to understand them or at least feel something when I'm reading. But I couldn't have been more neutral or far from these people as the pages went on and the plot unraveled. Which made me ask myself for a second if is my fault or I can't just gel with the writing or maybe the characters aren't as deep or layered or alive as I would've liked them to be. Even though for a bit I understood Laura and how she reacted in some parts when Charlie tried to talk to her and they had their discussions.

Also, I know this is seen as a romance and for me it wasn't really. Because when I got to the end, Laura and Charlie seemed on different pages and wanting different things and besides the conversations they had, their past and what else linked them, they had nothing else. Maybe it was romantic and I missed it, but for me there was no emotion or love or desire to have anything or do something forward. Just coming back full circle to the beginning just with some blanks filled and a very short past together which to me one doesn't know what it wants about and the other might be more in love with the idea of her and a relationship than the real thing. 

Putting these aside, I'm happy to say that I managed to read this pretty quick (~ 3 hours) and that overall I liked it. 'The Forever Moment' could be considered a fast and breezy read, maybe something you read when you're on vacation or in a plane or going to work or you're home and you just want something to keep you busy, but you don't want to read something too long or that's gonna take you a while to get into. 

Also, if you like writer characters or books that have to do with writing or books maybe this one's for you, cause you get a bit of that in this one. 

I'm glad I read 'The Forever Moment' and I'll say you could give it a try. Maybe you'll love it more than I did. 

Thank you to The Book Guild and NetGalley for the review copy.


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