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REVIEW - Secrets Room by Kim Faulks


What would you do if you woke in a room filled with strangers, with no memory of how you got there, and no way out? 

Morgan Drimmel wakes to find herself in the midst of that nightmare. The gouged, blood-splattered walls scream of terror and torture, and the unrelenting light that shines between the cracks in the walls fills her with dread. When the others in the room wake, they form alliances, and Morgan finds herself drawn to rogue biker Slade Rivers. But dependence, for her, has always come with a deadly price. 

Those inside the room have secrets too; dark secrets they will go to any length to keep from getting out. When evil rears its ugly head, Morgan will not only have to fight to survive—she will also have to trust.


This book was so messed up and creepy, but I liked it!

What I think you have to know when you start reading this is that you need patience; because you don't find out everything immediately. You have to read, to know better the character, to find out how they are related, why they are there, what is that place etc. Also, in some moments the tension is going to be so high and everything becomes so real... be careful to not arrive there too!

I won't talk about what's going on, because I'll ruin the plot for you but I have to say that this book really plays with your mind and you can't read it if you want something fast and easy. Yeah, it's fast, but if you don't notice the details and keep in mind everything does and says then you'll miss the clues. You really need to read this carefully, because it's like a puzzle and if you don't get all the pieces how are you going to assemble it at the end? 

Also, about the characters I won't talk too much, because I can't without giving spoilers. But everyone is well sketched and if you find someone normal there, then please show him to me. Thanks!

Honestly, so I can wrap this us, I enjoyed this book. It was creepy, interesting, it played with my head and I liked that I couldn't figure it out from the beginning. And even if I finished it now, I still need some time so all the pieces will fall into place. I don't think this is a summer and easy - breezy read, and you won't forget it too fast! So, if you want something like this, then read it.

Thanks to NetGalley and the author for this one!

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